The moments following a car accident are crucial to protect your legal rights. It is essential to seek medical care immediately after. However, at the accident scene, it is also important to secure evidence and take steps that will help you later recover compensation. The best way to increase your chances of success is by understanding the laws and regulations. 

A number of factors can threaten your legal rights after a car accident. If another driver has caused the accident, it is vital to file early. Otherwise, the statute of limitations may expire and you may be left with no compensation. The most important step is to contact an attorney. A car accident attorney will investigate your case and provide guidance. 

How to protect your rights after an accident?

  • Immediately call the police after the collision. 

The first thing to do after a collision is to call the police department and there are three reasons for this. First, you have a legal obligation to do so. Second, you will be able to generate an official police report. Third, calling the police will allow you to get access to emergency and medical services. 

  • Document the scene. 

You should always aim to seek immediate medical care after an accident. However, if that is not possible, you should stay on the scene and collect as much information as possible. For starters, click as many good pictures of the accident as possible. Capture the scene from all angles to ensure nothing is missed. Talk to witnesses and obtain their contact information. 

  • Be honest with the police. 

The police will arrive at the scene soon and ask you a few questions about the accident. It is natural that you may want to keep your image clean. However, do not lie about what you were doing just before the accident or how the accident unfolded. Do not exaggerate your injuries because sooner than later, the truth comes out. 

  • Let your attorney speak to the insurance company. 

Many people are afraid to talk to their insurance company after an accident. This is due to the fear of raised premiums and an intensive investigation into their lives. This is why it is recommended first to contact your attorney and ask them to speak to the insurance company. 


Your insurance policy may cover some of your medical bills, which may include emergency room visits. However, they are hesitant to make a payout and keep downplaying your injuries. Having your attorney speak to them increases the chances of getting insurance money. 


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