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Probo APK is an event prediction app platform. You can predict events based on probability. This app comes with prediction-based gameplay.

Fortunately, you can also create a team with family and friends. You can surely earn money based on your prediction skills.

With this app, you can predict any questions raised in the app. This app is a trading platform. This app is definitely an opinion-sharing app.

You can predict any future events. Including entertainment, finance, Bitcoin and sports. But you have to create an account in this app. And choose the correct opinion to earn money easily. 

Every question is truly based on true events. You can learn about and verify it by yourself.

So make bets on future events, and earn money easily. You can withdraw your money easily. 

You can certainly express your view on worldwide events. Additionally, you can also interact with other people occasionally.

Features of Probo Apk:-

  • Trading based on opinion – This app became famous because of its famous system. This app is totally based on the user’s opinion. This app collects money and invests it in the background. It provides options to make opinions. The options have a wide range of topics. Surely you can choose your speciality and start trading.
  • Money Investment – With this app, you can definitely earn money. But you have to invest in it. You can take part in event-based opinions. You can fix the percentage if your opinion is valid. This way, you can invest your money. You can multiply it by your opinions.
  • Multiple topics – You can surely choose your favourite topic. It provides a large number of topics for opinions. You will get questions based on your topics. A wide range of people are using this app. Because of its range of topics. Including entertainment, sports, finance and many more. So you can earn money easily. By sharing your opinion on your favourite topic simply.
  • Exit option – In this opinion-based trading platform, you can lose money. If your opinion is wrong and you want to exit from this app. You can do it freely. There is no consequence about the exit option. If you feel you are losing a lot of money then you can exit freely.
  • Rewards withdrawing – This app allows you to collect your rewards. You can withdraw your investment and win money. You can withdraw your money by choosing various payment options. This app supports UPI and NEFT payments. Even a wallet transfer is easy. You can receive your right in your wallets and accounts surely.

Download the Probo APK on your Android device:-

  •  Firstly, download the APK app and go to the download option
  • Secondly, tap on the downloaded app and start the installation process.
  • It takes only a few seconds with a good internet connection.
  • Finally, after installing, open the app and log in.


This app is an event trading platform. It comes with event-based opinion and trading.

This app is completely legal in India. This app is not directly gambling but opinion-based trading. 

You can win a lot of money by predicting the true events.

It also provides premium content with more interesting features. If you feel lost you can exit from this app freely 

So if you want to earn online money. Then this app is perfect for you.

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