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Inter Milan vs FC Porto A Timeline

Rivalries in football are an integral part of the sport, providing excitement and passion to every matchup between clubs – especially between Inter Milan FC and FC Porto which have long been fan favorites.

Initial Encounters

Inter Milan first encountered FC Porto during the 1967 European Cup Winners’ Cup tournament and won in two legs to set the scene for future encounters between them.

Inter Milan and FC Porto squared off against each other in both the Champions League and UEFA Cup competitions, creating highly anticipated matches between these two powerhouse teams with talented squads and strong competition ambitions.

Mourinho Factor

Under Mourinho’s charismatic leadership and brilliant tactical strategies, Inter Milan achieved an historic treble – including Champions League glory – during 2009-10 season.

Mourinho achieved his crowning achievement during his time at FC Porto. In 2003-2004 he led them to victory in the Champions League against major clubs, further cementing him as one of the premier managers worldwide and heightening rivalry between Inter Milan FC and FC Porto.

Inter Milan and FC Porto have seen some iconic clashes throughout their histories. In 2004, Inter Milan won 3-2 against FC Porto in the 2004-2005 Champions League Group Stage with Adriano scoring late winner.

Inter Milan and Juventus met again in the round 16 of the Europa League during 2011-2012, after an even first match which ended 2-2, Inter won by one goal thanks to Walter Samuel. As such, Inter advanced to quarter finals of competition.

Inter Milan and FC Porto continue their longstanding rivalry in both domestic league competition and European Cup play, although its intensity may have lessened over the years. Still, matches between them hold special meaning.


This rivalry stands as a testament to the passion of football. From iconic matches, Mourinho Factor, and heartbreak for millions of fans around the globe. Even as both teams continue their competition on the pitch, their rivalry will endure long into the future.

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