In India, due to massive population, social media has played a huge role in changing the fortunes of so many people. Like there are several examples where in 2018 they were living in slums and now having a flat with luxury cars to more. This is what the social media has done for the people all over the world. Like here we would give different examples also that have done massive jobs on social media and now are at the very top of the business.

TikTok making an impact

TikTok does not have a sweet history with India. The app was banned by the Indian lawmakers because they felt that it is an of China and they can use it to collect some of the data that would not be great for the nation’s security. And this is what that has made an impact to the best of levels. But one thing is for sure that it did help many people who were poor to get the platform where it can be easier for them to make the money. Rohit Zinjurke is a great example we have as he did start his journey on TikTok first and then in other sections of social media. 

TikTok came like a boom in India. And if the app would have stayed, then chances are there it would have been at the number one spot. This is something that tells how big app is this. And all over the world, the app is shining. However in India, it is banned. But the app went with changing lives of many.

Lifting normal people

The best part about social media for Indians has been that it provides them the platform to shine to the best of levels. Let us take an example of Saloni Gaur, she started to play a role of a Muslim lady on Instagram and it changed her life forever. Like at the age of 19, she started to earn great sums. It was shocking for his family to see her rising, forget about others. This is indeed something that social media has done for all. The way it has uplifted things is like great to have.

And there are many other examples were doing something different changed the lives of these common people who are not so common now. This is indeed what that males’ things people thrive at the best.

Final Words

Social media, in the yes of many, do not have great image. But it is a fact that, it has so many benefits that can people to move forward. Only thing which is needed is to work hard so one can indeed make a great impact at the best of level. It shows the power of social media and how it helps in changing the lives of money. And it is not limited to newcomers. Look at actress Sapna Pabbi. Even they are getting the best out of it due to reaching to the bigger audience at the best of levels.

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