It is a fact that there two sets of people. One who do not like horror stories and the other side who feel that these stories are true and have real meaning in our lives. This does show a lot about the impact of horror stories in our minds. Just like the meaning of God is different in different cultures, the way people see ghosts are very different. In some cultures, they do not even say that name because then one can invite them. But in other places, there are stories where people do not have fear of horror stories.

But one fact is there that if something strange happens, then humans are seen reacting because it is about the life.

Movies making an impact?

With the rise of OTT and other platforms, one thing is for sure that people are seeing more horror movies and series than ever before. It is happening because they are in command of some of the things that was not possible before internet becoming a part of OTT business also.

But watching movies during night time or at darkness does make the impact double. And many times people fear to go alone for toilet or pick a delivery from the gate. This all happens because there is a fear and when a story comes on news about something strange, it means people feel that these things are real and they happen.

And then, when they watch the movie again, it does amplify things to the next level. This show the fact that their mind becomes fearful of those beings who are very obscure.

Like in India, Burari Mass Suicide Case is something that makes people feel that how powerful are these higher beings. Like there is a story that somebody unknown influence the family that it led to their death with hanging together.

Similarly, Trails Carolina horror stories are also very famous. As Trails Carolina is a place known in the United States for helping young children who are facing mental health problems, it seems very scary to feel that what these powers can do with those children who are out of their mind.

What are negative energies?

Now even modern science clears that negative energies are there and it does affect the mind of a person, so one has to feel that their energies should be taken care of very well. So it is all about respecting the world as it is and working on things where people should respect something they do not know.

It creates a look that how to tackle this problem. Many tries to take the name of God, while others try to watch something funny so the mind starts to work in a different manner.

This does create a look that a person should look from the open eyes and mind for making sure that it can be understand at the best of levels. Because then it is something which easy to tackle at best. And it is something which one should take with a pinch of salt.

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