The Toyota Hiace has been a known and widely used van and people carrier, for many years. It has gained a reputation for being dependable, versatile and durable making it a reliable vehicle for both work and transportation purposes.

Throughout its history Toyota has introduced generations of the Hiace each with its distinct features and improvements.

In this blog post we will take you on a journey through time to explore these generations of the Toyota Hiace. By doing we aim to help you determine which generation might be the fit for your specific needs.

First Generation (1967 to 1977)

The introduction of the first generation Toyota Hiace in 1967 marked the beginning of a legacy. This compact van featured a cab over design where the driver sat directly above the engine. 

Initially equipped with a 1.3 liter inline four engine it was specifically designed for delivering smaller loads efficiently. The focus during this generation was on practicality and efficiency as they laid the groundwork for iterations of the Hiace.

Is it right for you? The first generation Hiace is a choice if you’re interested in collecting vans with distinctive designs. However due, to its space and basic features it may not meet the requirements of commercial or passenger transportation needs.

Second Generation (1977 to 1982)

The second iteration of the Hiace brought enhancements in terms of size and power. It featured a wheelbase and a larger cabin providing a generous and comfortable option, for both carrying cargo and transporting passengers. This generation also introduced the availability of rear wheel drive ensuring stability and handling.

Is it suitable for you? The second generation Hiace is a choice for individuals or businesses seeking increased space and enhanced performance. Whether you require a delivery van or a comfortable vehicle for people transportation it offers versatility.

Third Generation (1982 to 1989)

Continuing the pattern of improvements the third generation Hiace offered a range of body styles and engine options. It was during this era that the Hiace gained popularity as a commuter vehicle and family car mainly due to the introduction of the Hiace Commuter model designed specifically for passenger transport. With its engine options and configurations it successfully catered to an audience.

Is it suitable for you? If you are in need of an spacious vehicle that can serve both personal purposes particularly with regards to transportation needs then choosing the third generation Hiace—especially considering its Commuter variant could be an excellent decision.

Fourth Generation (1989 to 2004)

The arrival of the fourth generation Hiace marked a shift, in design aesthetics.

The Hiace underwent a redesign to achieve a sleeker and appearance while also adopting a front engine layout.

This transformation allowed for improved seating arrangements, making it more comfortable. Additionally the Hiace introduced diesel engine choices during this generation to cater to those seeking fuel efficiency.

Is it suitable for you? The fourth generation Hiace is an option if you value comfort, spaciousness and fuel efficiency. Whether you need it for purposes or as a family vehicle it offers a ride and modern features.

Fifth Generation (2004 to 2019)

Moving on to the fifth generation Hiace. It featured a bonnet design that enhanced safety measures and provided easier access to the engine. This generation presented a range of engine options including diesel, petrol and hybrid powertrains. Toyota also prioritized comfort and safety features in order to deliver a well rounded package.

Is it suitable for you? The fifth generation Hiace is a choice if you are searching for a van or people carrier that is dependable and equipped, with advanced features. Its diverse range of engine options coupled with its comfortable interiors caters to requirements.

Sixth Generation (2019 to Present)

Now lets talk about the sixth generation Toyota Hiace (2019 Present) which represents a leap forward in terms of design and technology advancements.

The appearance of the Hiace is sleek and contemporary, with a interior due to its elongated wheelbase. It offers safety features such as Toyota Safety Sense, which includes cruise control and lane departure warning. Additionally you have the option to choose from engines.

Is it right for you? If you value the safety and technology features the sixth generation Hiace is your choice. Whether for businesses or families it provides a premium driving experience.

Final Review

Selecting the generation of Toyota Hiace depends on your needs and preferences. To help you make a decision here’s a summary;

First Generation- Perfect for collectors or those who appreciate vans but may not meet space and feature requirements.

Second Generation- Offers improved space and performance making it suitable for applications.

Third Generation- A option for both personal use especially with the Commuter variant.

Fourth Generation- Prioritizes comfort, space and fuel efficiency; for purposes.

Fifth Generation- A rounded package with design elements, diverse engine options and advanced features.

Sixth Generation- The latest, in safety and technology advancements; designed to cater to businesses and families seeking an experience.

When deciding, on which Toyota Hiace generation is best for you take into account your budget, how you plan to use it and the features you desire. Each generation has played a role in establishing the Hiaces reputation, for reliability so no matter which era you choose you can rely on it to be an option.

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