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The recent and the most evident change one can point out to nowadays is technology. For a decade there have been a lot of changes in everyday functioning objects. they have become more inclined towards technology. It has been taking place in every manual working object. The recent swap can be taken as an example of Aim Carrom. Carrom is a very infamous indoor game in South Asian continents like India. the only source of entertainment during the rainy season for families. This game does not have any age limit. From children to adults, even the elderly enjoy playing this game. This game is very simple, there are two teams, one with black strikers and the other with white stickers. The team which is successful in sending all their stickers to the corner pocket of the carrom table wins.

How is Aim Carrom different from Traditional Carrom?

There is not much difference between traditional carrom and Aim Carrom. There are the same rules and regulations one has to follow to take part in this game. except these, the visible difference is the equipment used in the Aim Carrom game. As the name suggests the Aim Carrom is not played on the surface but an air cushion. The new technology has developed the game by making it frictionless while playing the game. The air jets connected to the surface of the game make the stickers flow in the air rather than touch the surface. This leads to a very smooth game.

Which is better?

The Aim Carrom sure does act like a very futuristic version of a traditional carrom. It is eco-friendly, versatile, portable, and even flexible. The updated version also decreases the chance of getting injured during the game. Yet, there is still uncertainty about Aim Carrom. carrom is a very historic game, it’s been played by our ancestors too. changing the game and making it more technological does not give the same essence as before. The natural feeling of the wood underneath our hands will be lost. Taking the cost of the product into consideration, an Aim Carrom is more expensive than a traditional one. However, both the Aim Carrom and traditional carrom have their own pros and cons. The choice depends on the user whether he or she wants a new technological version that has many benefits. or he chooses the traditional one to preserve the culture and immerse themselves in the past. Lastly, the choice between Aim Carrom and traditional Carrom depends on personal preferences and the level of excitement and challenge one wishes to seek. 

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