Our friends tell us all sorts of things during our lives about this and that. As independent-thinking people, it’s up to us to sort fact from fiction, no matter what’s been talked about. Now, zits are something that most young people have to contend with, so it’s natural for there to be one or two myths going around about acne. In this blog, we look at debunking five of them while telling you about how acne foaming cleanser can help you overcome the problem. 

So, buckle up as we look at some of the many untruths that people tell each other about acne, its causes and how you should go about treating the problem. We’ll start things off, however, with a brief description of how foaming washes help.

The Impact of Acne Foaming Cleanser

The great thing about acne foaming cleanser is that it addresses the three main causes of zit breakouts. It deals with the bacteria, the excess oil and the dead skin cells that build up, paving the way for skin to recover and look like its pre-breakout self. Chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are proven to address issues like these – that’s a fact. 

However, the following five beliefs are anything but.

Myth #1 – You Have to Have Dirty Skin to Get Zits

While pollution can be one of the triggers, having zits does not mean you have dirty skin or poor hygiene. Flare-ups have many causes, such as cleaning your skin too much, which goes against that particular skincare untruth. 

Myth #2 – Only Pubescent Kids Get Acne 

Again, totally untrue. Adolescents are one of the most prone groups for acne, sure. However, people of all ages suffer from the problem, whether talking in their 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s! As such, it’s not unusual for someone outside of their teenage years to get acne from time to time. 

Myth #3 – Going Outside Without Sunscreen Helps Acne 

While a short time outside without sunscreen on won’t hurt your skin too much, being out in it for hours will do nothing but make your acne worse. You see, UV exposure will irritate your complexion, leading to extra oil being produced and more zits. Plus, it makes your skin look older. Don’t do it! 

Myth #4 – Popping Zits Is the Best Way to Deal With Them

It might be satisfying to pop a zit, but it’s really not a good thing to do. It might get rid of the unsightly pus in the head, but by releasing all that gunk and the bacteria in it, you’ll probably spread the problem to other parts of your face and body. Not good! 

Myth #5 – You Get Zits Because You’re Stressed 

There’s an element of truth in this myth, in that stress can make your zits worse than they would be – mainly because your body produces cortisol in this state. However, it can’t block your pores on its own, so it’s not going to be a root cause of the problem. 

Ignore the Myths & Use Acne Foaming Cleanser

When things that aren’t quite true are passed by word of mouth, it’s easy to see why they end up being considered as being reality. However, as we’ve seen here, you shouldn’t take what you hear as gospel until you’ve had time to verify that info with an expert. One thing you can take for granted, however, is that foaming cleanser is a great way to get clearer skin. 

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